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Residential Services & Flower Arrangements

Home is exactly where the heart is! Outside of art as "Creatives" in

our design space there is no other place we'd rather be. Our home is adorned with fresh flowers...always! And of course fresh and vibrant species of plants and trees. We know the value fresh flowers, unique trees and foliage, and blooming plants add to your environment. Twigs Florist is here to assist you in creating your own

distinct look based on your tastes through the art of flowers,

be it a weekly or monthly design (based on the season), 

your spectacular private event or home decorating for the holidays.

Fresh Flowers - Weekly or Monthly

The look of fresh flowers in your home, delivered each week to you, brings with it the cheer of celebrating life while honoring each of the seasons with our finest fresh flowers. Twigs will create a design based on your tastes and home decor that will add another dimension to your home. Celebrate life and your love with a gift of regular flower deliveries to your loved one. It never disappoints.

Plant & Tree Design

The tranquility evoked by the perfect placement of a blooming orchid or the majesty of a fiddlehead fig tree create the perfect finishing touch to any space. Twigs is here to assist you in evaluating your specific needs based on your taste and home decor. Our in-home consultation will uncover the best plant specimens to add weight and depth to any room within your own sanctuary.

Private Soirées and Events

Escape the ordinary by seeking our expertise when it comes to the planning of your next private event in your home. Twigs will create a memorable look and design in fresh flowers, linens, and rentals, that will have your guests talking for a long time. Our approach and execution will allow you to relax and enjoy your event whether it is intimate or a once-in-a-lifetime bash.

Holiday Décor

Our décor service includes the transformation of your home for the holidays. Holiday trees and wreaths, live or artificial, accents of distinct lighting, garlands and even some "out of the box" offerings will add depth to the festive feeling of the holidays. You can spend the countless hours in between your busy schedule decorating, or reach out to a Twigs Florist designer to handle all of creative work. You sit back and enjoy the designer's interpretation of your vision. Oh, and "Wow" your holiday guests!

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