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The Corporate Side Of Fresh Flowers And Design

Fabulous flowers designed by Twigs Florist

Flowers for business can be a very important necessity that often gets overlooked. Employee promotions and awards, company product launches, B2B projects etc. all can benefit from the gift of fresh flowers.

Branded flowers for a company product launch, B2B project deals, company promotions etc. can all be greatly enhanced when flowers are included.

Flowers created, with style, in colors that correspond with your company logo can greatly enhance your company/business branding efforts.

If you make a point of having fresh flowers for a business event those flowers can greatly increase positive energy flow. That's a great thing!

Having flowers in your professional work space can help your employees be more productive and better creative problem solvers. Studies have proven this to be true.

If a co-worker or employee is sick or having surgery send them flowers! They will certainly appreciate knowing you are thinking about them. In addition, receiving flowers when ill or recovering will help speed up the healing process. Again studies have proven this to be true.

At Twigs Florist we love creating fantastic floral designs for corporate clients. This allows us the opportunity to create floral work that is out of the box and not just your typical vase of flowers.

We aim to make your flower buying experience easy and stress free. If we can blow you away and give you some WOW factor with our award winning style we've done even better. Yes, you can always buy flowers at a grocery store. However you are not going to get the same kind of service we strive for. Generally they don't deliver and frequently don't have experienced florists working in their floral departments. Depending on what you are looking for that won't fit the bill.

The next time you want to have an amazing flower experience, one that provides amazing professional design and exceptional service to go with it, give us a call at Twigs Florist. You will experience our #PassionInTheArtOfFlowers.

Creatively Yours,

Bobby and Mia


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